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Our goal is to investigate, record and reveal to the world all wildlife abuse anywhere, in all forms through education, boycott, petition and protest. Other than our campaigns to stop these atrocities which are so sadly widespread around the globe. We truly believe that man is basically good. What they need is education to be able to care for the same things we care about. We will try and convince groups and organizations to put down their shields of separation and learn to battle together as one force in this fight for what is right. . Now is the time and we are the warriors who will get the job done. Alone each of us is but a drop, but drop by drop we can create a Tsunami of activism which will drown those who abuse, torture and kill the creatures of this planet


We will encounter many a foreign enemy that will kill our brothers and sisters whether they wear fins, feathers or claws without blinking an eye, with savagery that belongs in the dark ages. But together we will help them see the light, as we can't swim the oceans or take flight over this planet. But cyberspace has given us the wings, fins and claws needed to defeat these enemies of all. If we don't go to battle now, it won't be here for your grandchildren. No more animal planet, no more wildlife, just a dead environment not worth living in. I beg of you, attack! Your keyboard is the arrow, bullet and destroyer of these shameful inhabitants who call themselves human. Who exist only to inflict death and destruction upon our defenseless brethren. We will win, trust that, the beauty of this world will go on as we knew it.

Community Conservation

Early Education

Forest Restoration

Engaging in community service provides students with the opportunity to become active members of their community and has a lasting, positive impact on society at large. Community service or volunteerism enables students to acquire life skills and knowledge, as well as provide a service to those who need it most

Developing positive feelings about pets can contribute to a child's self-esteem and self-confidence. Positive relationships with pets can aid in the development of trusting relationships with others. A good relationship with a pet can also help in developing non-verbal communication, compassion, and empathy.

Forests Combat Climate Change. Forests are vital storehouses of carbon on our planet. However, when forests are cleared to make way for agriculture and other activities, they emit large quantities of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases into the atmosphere. This contributes to climate change.

Stop Wildlife Crime

Join our campaign and help us: Push governments to protect threatened animal populations by increasing law enforcement, imposing strict deterrents, reducing demand for endangered species products and honoring international commitments made under CITES.

Marine Conservation

Why protect our oceans? ... Oceans generate half of the oxygen we breathe and, at any given moment, they contain more than 97% of the world's water. Oceans provide at least a sixth of the animal protein people eat. Living oceans absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere and reduce climate change impacts.

Environmental Policy

Due to the current state of the environment, politicians need to place a higher priority on environmental policy. ... It generally covers air and water pollution, waste management, ecosystem management, biodiversity protection, and the protection of natural resources, wildlife, and endangered species.



Protecting the World’s Most Endangered Species

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