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Fantasy Horse
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Equus, there is something indefinable that attracts us to this mystical creature.  The slight nicker and warm muzzle have healed many broken spirits.  No other animal has given more to humanity than the horse, civilizations were built on their backs. They valiantly fought in many wars for humans, asking only for a warm embrace in return.

Yet across the globe, these magical creatures face unimaginable atrocities. Wild horses are viciously round-up to be sent abroad to be slaughtered in one country while being shot and killed in another country. 

In the US cows outnumber horses 50 to 1 on our public lands.  But the horses are viciously round up.  Young foals can't keep up with the herd as the helecopters chase them.  Recently a foal was chased so barbarically, the baby broke his leg and a published video shows a helicopter still aggressively chasing him while he was running on 3 legs.  This is not an isolated incident.

The wild horse and burro act of 1971 clearly state that horses should be protected from capture, branding, harassment, or death.  Another section in act states that if water resources are low, the cows should be removed before the horses.  Clearly this is not happening.  Every single administration has favored ranchers and corporate interests.

Many still wind up being slaughtered and eaten in Mexico.  Americans dont agree on much, but we do overwhelmingly agree we don't want our horses shipped abroad to be brutally killed and eaten

Lay down your shields of separation and join us as we lay siege to these global disgraces.   "Do not let selfish men or greedy interests skin your country of its beauty, its riches, or its romance.

 Georgia Girl
Cynthia White


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