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Snapperfest is held at Campshore Campgrounds at 8548 State Road 56, Aurora, IN.

Snapper Turtles are cold blooded reptiles that have very strong jaws that can pinch and sever human fingers. They are also capable of being very flexible with its head. This makes handling them very dangerous due to it's incredible reach with it's beak-like jaws.

Like all turtles, the shell of a Snapping turtle is living tissue. As such it can feel pain. According to Frank Indiviglio of That Reptile Blog, lifting a turtle by it's tail "will cause severe injuries to the spine and internal organs." http://blogs.thatpetplace.com/thatreptileblog/2008/06/24/handling-snapping-tu...

According to http://www.matts-turtles.org/hold.html moving the turtle too quickly or roughly can cause the intestine to pinch which is not only painful, can can be deadly.

Like all reptiles, turtles are cold blooded animals and thus heal much slower than mammals. According to Tim Sizemore, the event organizer. The turtles are either eaten at the event or returned to the wild.

Because many of them sustain pain and trauma at Snapperfest it is suggested by many animal rights activists that many of the turtles die a painful slow death.
Looking into Indiana law, we find:

See Fox19's shameful display of journalism as they whitewash the animal abuse and portray the event as family friendly fun. They intentionally censor out the scenes of animal torture to appease the owners of Campshore Campground and the coordinators of Snapperfest.

Information Maintained by the Office of Code Revision Indiana Legislative Services Agency
IC 35-46-3
Chapter 3. Offenses Relating to Animals...
IC 35-46-3-8

...Purchase or possession of animals for contests
Sec. 8. A person who knowingly or intentionally purchases or possesses an animal for the purpose of using the animal in an animal contest commits a Class D felony.
As added by P.L.193-1987, SEC.11. Amended by P.L.171-2007,
IC 35-46-3-0.5

(2) "Beat" means to unnecessarily or cruelly strike an animal, or to throw the animal against an object causing the animal to suffer severe pain or injury. The term does not include reasonable training or disciplinary techniques.
(3) "Mutilate" means to wound, injure, maim, or disfigure an animal by irreparably damaging the animal's body parts or to render any part of the animal's body useless.

Adult Film star Bree Olson was one of the few with a large voice that spoke out against this abuse.

Even though the event is in the town of Aurora, Indiana the local police do not have jurisdiction. Rather it is the Ohio County Sheriff's office

Here is the information to the Ohio County of Indiana Sherriff's Department:


Ohio County Sheriff's Department

Eldon Fancher

123 S Mulberry St
Rising Sun, Indiana 47040

Phone: (812)438-3636

Fax: (812)438-4848

Here is the contact information for Campshore Campground, enjoy.

Click to see my call to Anheuser Busch (owners of Budweiser) about their sponsorship of animal abuse. I do not believe them when they say they had nothing to do with the event.

Click here to see the World Animal Awareness Society's report on this event. If you have the means please donate a few dollars towards their work. A link to their donation page is on this Snapperfest Report

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